If you are considering riding a bicycle to work, here are some recommendations that might prove handy.

Wear a Highly Visible Helmet

Not only can your helmet save your life in an accident, but it can help prevent accidents. Your head is at the perfect height to be seen by drivers, so take advantage of this fact by putting reflective tape upon the sides of your helmet. Yellow and orange are probably the most visible colors for a helmet.

Wear a Pannier

Yes, wearing a backpack will make you look cool, but it also can make you sweat. Wearing a pannier will make you look like a nerd, but it also leaves you smelling like a nerd. Personally, I’d rather smell nerdy at work than smell like a jock. And besides, a nerdy pannier would go nicely with your neon helmet.

Acquire a Gortex Bicycle Jacket

Gortex cycling clothing is breathable but also waterproof, so it keeps you cozy and dry in rainy weather. There are a whole lot of styles and colors available, and some of them are highly observed while also being stylish. And you can use your cool-looking new Gortex jacket to hide your nerdy pannier and neon helmet.

Get Fenders

Roads can get damp even when it is not raining, and they can stay wet long after it rains. Fenders-especially plastic ones that rap around the wheel-prevent your wheels from throwing water, mud and dirt on your clothes. You wouldn’t want to get your cool-looking new jacket messy, would you?

Love a Glove

Your hands grant you a lot of love, so you ought to give them a glove. Gloves minimize the road vibration that can stress out your hands. They also keep your hands warm on cold mornings and shield them if you fall. They’re also wonderful for wiping the mud off your fenders.

Use the Right Tires

Contrary to popular belief, bike tyres tread doesn’t lend a bicycle additional traction on slick roads. Because of their shape and flexibility, bicycle tires won’t hydroplane. Slick tires are faster and are better for smooth pavement. But if you oftentimes ride on gravel or loose ground, treaded tires will help with traction.

Get Bike Shoes

Cleated bicycle shoes lock your feet to the pedals, really raising your peddling effectiveness; and yet they are easy to slip off the pedals, once you get accustomed to them. Bicycle shoes and cycle shorts also safeguard your feet and ligaments from being injured by the stress of pedaling. Bike shoes come in a wide variety of styles, including nerdy and neon.

Use a Bicycle Light and Reflectors

If you ride at dawn or dusk, you’ll need good reflectors and a good light. Cycling lights are more for being seen than for seeing. Low reflectors are great after dark because headlights shine directly onto them.

Get Tire Liners and Flat-resistant Tires

Flat tires can not only make you late, but they can also increase your chances of being in an accident. Tire liners and flat-resistant tires won’t fully eliminate flats, but they’ll minimize the likelihood, especially if you bicycle on gravel.

Know Your Bike

Learning all you can about your bike will help quite a bit if you ever have a break-down and need to fix something. It will also help you in figuring out when you need to change a tire, adjust your breaks, lube your chain, etc.